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    Note: All contents of the site are for health and professional operators of the rehabilitation sector.

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    Cover for Gloreha - Hand Rehabilitation Glove
    Gloreha - Hand Rehabilitation Glove

    Gloreha - Hand Rehabilitation Glove

    Idrogenet is a company manufacturer of robotic devices designed for neuro-rehabilitation of the upper limb.

    How many words come to mind if we think about physiotherapy?Today is World Physical Therapy Day. If we talk about it, which are the words that come into your head? For us, physiotherapy is more than a celebration day. It is a long rehabilitation journey with a lot of efforts and motivation. What is it for you?#physiotherapy #phisicaltherapy #therapy #worldphisicalday #8september #rehabilitation ... See MoreSee Less
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    L'équipe internationale de Gloreha - Hand Rehabilitation Glove vous attend au congrès de la WFOT 2022 in Paris pour essayer des technologies robotiques pour la rééducation neurologique de la main et du membre supérieur#wfot2022 #paris #rehabilitation #neurorehab #strokerehabilitation #stroketreatment #gloreha #grabyourlife ... See MoreSee Less
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    📍 Another flag in the american healthcare and research:a new Gloreha device has been installed at GeorgeMasonUniversity and happiness is palpable! 🇺🇸#research #university #healthcare #happiness #roboticdevice #Gloreha #grabyourlife ... See MoreSee Less
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    For those who need to rest.For those who need to stop.For those who need to take a break.Our company will be closed from 15 to 21 August.Happy summer Holiday to everyone!🌴#vacation #holiday #summerbreak #Gloreha ... See MoreSee Less
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    We are honoured to take part by your side in the rehabilitation sessions yet to come.We thank Dr. Alberto Esquenazi and his health staff for the new installation of our robotic device Gloreha.@MossRehab is an excellent hospital and we hope their patients will have multiple options with our innovative robotic treatments.#newglorehainstallation #Gloreha #MossRehab #stroke #roboticdevice #neurologicaldiseases ... See MoreSee Less
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